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Posted By: Bat Goddess
11-Nov-13 - 06:39 PM
Thread Name: Curmudgeon In Hospice - [update 13 November]
Subject: RE: Curmudgeon In Hospital - Nov 2013 [update 7 Nov]
Good day. Good meeting with Dr. Al-Alwan basically going over what we went over with Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Joventino yesterday. Then, early this afternoon, we met with the hospice/palliative care team.

Whew! Good meetings. Necessary. Productive. But draining. Plus Tom and I had some more time to talk about Life, the Universe, and Everything...and the Infinite and what's on the other side and all that metaphysical stuff.

Then came the rounds of visitors -- another classmate of Tom's and her husband. And I finally got to meet her, though we've spoken on the phone and emailed any number of times. And as they were leaving, another good friend showed up.

And Tom had a chance to demonstrate the "Anglo-Saxon crash thud" so maybe I can start practicing. And I showed off (to nurses and such) some photographs from 1986 and 1987, even though I didn't have time to start prepping them for the archives.

Tom is looking and sounding good. Right now I think he's more awake than I am. Somehow gravity got way turned up at sometime this afternoon.

Oh, the coup of the morning was two of Harvey's cream horns from the Waterfall Café in the lobby. And, despite the orders for only clear liquids while he was on one of the IV meds, Tom DID get a decent sized bite of a cream horn to satisfy his curiosity.