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Posted By: Jim Carroll
05-Nov-13 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: Coughs and Sneezes
Subject: RE: Coughs and Sneezes
Apropos of not much:
It was a common belief here in the West of Ireland that when a person sneezes, their soul leaves their body for a few seconds - Bless you" was recited to protect it while it was exposed.
It was also believed that sneezing three times without being blessed laid you open to being 'taken by the fairies'.
Seamus Ennis used to accompany the reel 'Pinch of Snuff' with the story of the fiddler who went off with the fairies and was placed on the rafters above a house dance.
The fairy took out a box of snuff and sprinkled it on the dancers below, hoping to run off with one of them, an attractive young woman.
She sneezed, and the dancers were so busy they didn't notice and bless her.
The Fairy repeated the action and the same thing happened.
The third time he did it, the fiddler took pity on the girland shouted "Bless you" - hence the title of the reel that was being played at te time 'The Pinch of Snuff'
Not a lot of people know that!!
Jim Carroll