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Posted By: Bat Goddess
23-Oct-13 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: Curmudgeon In Hospice - [update 13 November]
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon In Hospital - Oct 2013
The people from the wheelchair company are coming tomorrow, but Tom's physical therapist was just here and showed us some of the fine points of this new chair -- and it IS a really nice one, heavier duty and safer than his old one.

I think the seat hadn't been properly locked down (it snaps into curved receptacles on the base) when it was delivered. And we were unaware that it even HAD this safety feature.

The therapist gave us the short course of all the adjustments -- and Tom can decide tomorrow when the tech is here if he wants it the same height as his old one (a bit lower than the new one is right now) because that adjustment needs to be done by a tech with the right tools.

The arms also swing out of the way or come off so Tom will be able to practice the concertina in the wheelchair which he couldn't before.

Basically when the chair was dropped off on Monday, the delivery guy didn't do ANYTHING he was supposed to other than drop the chair off and see that Tom could sit in it and move across the living room. I asked one question about brake adjustment (since that's the problem with his old chair) and he said his company takes care of all that so just call. And then he was gone. I read on the delivery slip he was supposed to walk us through all the features and adjustments and maintenance requirements, etc.

As I said earlier, it's probably working out for the best because it shows that the emergency button COULD be helpful in an emergency when I'm not in the immediate vicinity, so we'll get that.

Everything is being taken care of in due time...and right now I have to get the bread pudding I've been trying to make since Sunday made and in the oven and the smoked scallop chowder for dinner tonight made before we leave for Tom's PCP appointment this afternoon.

By the way, the wasp sting doesn't hurt today, but it itches and is a little red and hard. Hydrocortisone'll go away in due time as well.