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Posted By: Bat Goddess
16-Oct-13 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: Curmudgeon In Hospice - [update 13 November]
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon In Hospital - Oct 2013
Well, it's looking a if it's too late for a nap, but after I post this I AM going upstairs and under-reacting for awhile.

I realized yesterday that the stress is catching up with me. Today, by the time I got to the hospital, I was absolutely exhausted.

I ended up staying only about four hours -- Tom was feeling agitated. I think he just really wants to go home, which he will either tomorrow or Friday. He was "Hyacinthing" -- the phone cord, cord for his BP cuff, nurse call button cord, etc. weren't arranged to his pleasure, there was a wrinkle under his bum, the sky was just the wrong shade of pink (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in case you didn't catch that last reference). I threatened him with broccoli or a fruit salad of peaches and apricots if he didn't figure out what he wanted that was on the lunch menu. Each time he'd look pained, I'd ask if there was something I could do. He'd adamantly say, "No!" Then I'd inveigle out of him what was wrong...and either attend to it myself or go get his nurse. It was almost as if he was enjoying being grumpy and uncomfortable.

My first disappointment of the morning was when I got to McDonald's this morning, absolutely famished and fantasizing about breakfast burritos, they had just switched to lunch. I swear the breakfast cut off gets earlier and earlier all the time. (It was 10:40.) I, who usually has trouble crying, had to fend off a strong urge to just sob.

That was the first indication of my stress and fatigue level. I finally looked at Tom and explained that I'd just discovered that I have absolutely no reserves of anything, especially not patience, and that it was probably best (since he was planning on going back to bed and taking a nap soon) that I leave and head in search of a nap myself and try to recoup my resources.

Game plan -- he may be moved out of the Critical Care Unit this evening or tomorrow. He will probably be released tomorrow or, possibly, Friday. The case manager is working on getting Tom a new wheelchair through Medicare. (His current one has seen hard usage for the past year and a half and has some safety/maintainance issues. His cardiologist and defib reading is being re-scheduled until next week when his cardiologist will have the records from this hospital stay. We'll also get his advice on the suggestion by the hospital cardiologist that Tom's defib/pacemaker be swapped out for a bi-venticular one. And I'm a little closer to acquiring a small recliner which will make it easier for Tom to sit with his feet elevated.

I would LOVE a roving band of masochists to break in and clean my house (or at least the kitchen...and the litter boxes; I cleaned up the cat barf on the kitchen counter and the cat poop that had been dragged out on the floor and I didn't have to murder any yellow jackets this morning before 7 a.m.) Got some stuff to Goodwill on my way to the hospital -- and found some possible footgear for Tom. Hope they fit his changeable feet...

Suppose I better check my messages...and then retreat upstairs and maybe try to call my sister and see how the on-going crises in Milwaukee are going. And read. Or maybe just read. Maybe a glass of wine (since it's almost 5 p.m.) and read...