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Posted By: Ron Davies
10-Oct-13 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: After the Getaway -- 2013
Subject: RE: After the Getaway -- 2013
A few more additions:

One of the clear highlights for me was John Roberts' rendition of a broadside from 1840--I have no idea of the title--something having to do with a steamship ride, I think. Among other things, the tune to which the broadside had been put (recently) had a really fun chorus.

And I finally think I realize what's going on with the list.   The titles listed are often just a phrase that popped out.    So some titles I thought weren't covered by the list are in fact covered:    "There's no gold in California" must be "All That Glitters Is Not Gold", sung by Lucy Saturday night.    And "The box he comes home in" must indeed be what Jan and I call "The Box" when we sing it, as we did at the concert Saturday night.

By the way, thanks to Heather for the audio of it--it's so great Jan had an opportunity to be front and center, and that it was so well received;   particularly great to hear the whole room singing along at the end.   This should help in persuading Jan, a vegetarian lurching madly towards veganism (a strange galaxy to West River cooks) to overcome her strong feelings on the food.   I keep telling her--, with marginal success-- that the food is not the focus of the weekend.

A few more titles I don't think have been covered:    The Great Turtle Drive (indelibly linked for me to our own Art Thieme, whose rendition has never been bettered) was done in the Peace cabin Saturday night.    So was the one which has the line "They say he died of the chickenpox/ In part I must agree/   One chick too many had he "    I have no idea of the title.

Also Jan did "Dorset Is Beautiful" with appropriate acccent.

In the Hank Williams workshop, "I Saw the Light", "Your Cheatin' Heart", "Pan American", "Hey, Good Lookin", among others, were done. There were at least two I had never heard before, and I thought I knew something about Hank Williams.

Judy Cook did what amounted to a medley of "Maryland, My Maryland" and a great proposed substitute version of it (for squeamish souls who don't think "Huzzah, she scorns the Northern scum" should be in our state song.)    She was forced to combine the two due to the 5 minute limit on a song in the Saturday concert (surely we should reconsider this straitjacket).

Dave Diamond did a self-composed song at the concert about how, since the current Congress is the bottom of the barrel, we should toss them back into the barrel (and out of Congress). The assembled multitude sang the chorus lustily.    Dave always has good trenchant comment in song.    I don't know the title he gave his song.

More later, maybe.