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Posted By: Anne Lister
07-Oct-13 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Secret Santa- Xmas 2013 - Join Us!
Subject: RE: Mudcat Secret Santa - Xmas 2013
I'm in!
Somehow I doubt if many of my answers will be different from previous years, but to put them all in one place:
1. What is your age range? Do I have to answer? Younger than some on this list, older than others.....
2. Gender? The name sort of gives it away, but if you can't guess, then female.
3. Do you have a favorite color? Purple.
4. Favorite authors/type of book? Historical fiction when it's well written (Hilary Mantel, Dorothy Dunnett, NOT Philippa Gregory ...), Fantasy, folklore.
5. What books have you really been wanting? Collections of folktales from around the world.
6. What type of music do you like? Most styles but not modern jazz.
7. What CDs have you really been wanting? Jake Bugg.
8. What movies have you been wanting? (We are assuming you all have DVD players.) We're still running behind watching the ones we have, so unless there's something unusual from round your way (and it's playable on a European machine) best avoid this one ...
9. What is your t-shirt size? XXL or bigger - I like them roomy and I'm not as slender as I'd like to think.
10. Do you collect anything? if so, what? Guitars.
11. What are some of your other hobbies? Theatre, history, walking, reading.
12. Do you prefer gold-tone or silver-tone jewelry? I don't mind but it's really best for my ears if earrings are real gold or real silver.
13. Please include anything else you feel is important that would help your Secret Santa know what you would like. I'd love to hear more about where my Santa might live.
14. Remember that "negative hints" such as allergies might also be helpful.   As in no. 12 my ears are fussy about metals. But I do love earrings.