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Posted By: Jim Carroll
26-Sep-13 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"Make me a liar Jim."
You've done that far too often yourself
World inaction turned protests into a civil war manipulated by Assad and facilitated by arms provided by Capitalist countries like Russia and Britain (with her "sniper bullets", riot control equipment and armoured cars)
You have not only opposed ANY FORM OF INTERVENTION from the beginning of the Homs thread, but you have invented my position and others by describing any form of intervention as "Gung-ho invasion" when all wewere calling for was military intervention to stop the massacres - that was and remains my position - you have even called those of us who wanted this intervention "fascists and Imperialists".
I have never at any time advocated "invasion" and have expressed my mistrust of the U.S. setting foot on anybodies territory with their track record.
I am far from happy at them going in anywhere, I am less happy, with their record of "friendly fire" bombing anyone from the Air.
My argument has been that Assad should be stopped both for humanitarian reasons and because of the fact that we helped provide him with his lethal toys.
That is your "fascism", "Imperialism". "jackboot=ism", "Gung Ho-ism". - show me where I have ever suggested anything else.
Your response to these suggestions makes if clear that you have always opposed any form of intervention - right up to the point Israel called on support for the "intervention" that you are now (apparently) supporting.
Bombing from the air is the only offer on the table now - inaction has left no other alternative, though it is a cowardly choice.
I posted a list of your quotes last night - they seem to have not got through.
I won't bother again unless you continue to claim you have always supported intervention - this time I will dredge the Homs thraed and also provide the dates that you made your U-turn
There is no need to make you a liar - that is part of what you do all the time
Jim Carroll