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Posted By: Jim Carroll
25-Sep-13 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"Can you post it for us?"
You've had it - am tired of posting an re-posting stuff you either don'tread or refuse to comment on when you have been given it - Israeli policy is freely available - as if you havn't looked it up already - how on earth would you know who to suppors if you didn't get your instructions from above?
In the meantime - some examples to your support!!!! for intervention
Sleep well now
And b the way - the air strikes
Jim Carroll

"Jim, you have previously advocated Western military intervention against Assad.
Has you view changed in light of recent events."

"Sorry to disappoint Jim, but no-one is advocating invasion.
Except you, obviously"

"No-one is advocating intervention in their war.
Just to send the message that they can not gas civilians with impunity."

"We can not intervene in every dispute and perceived injustice in every country."

"No intervention in a civil war."

"I agree with you that the West should not get involved."

"Still advocating an invasion by Western troops, or will you be satisfied with a time limited missile offensive?"

"No-one on Mudcat came out and said it was not our concern whether gas, germs or radionucleides rained on innocent families, but now they are outraged that Obama assumed decent people would support him."

"Not withstanding Cameron's defeat, UKIP was the only British party opposed to the intervention.
In US, it seems to be the Tea Party.
And most of Mudcat are with them!"

And then spectacularly
"Everyone else on this thread knows that I have supported Obama's proposed limited air and missile strike, though without enthusiasm."

"Obama's proposed intervention was a limited air and missile strike to deter more gassing.
I thought that was right, as a lesser evil than gas becoming an accepted weapon of war.
That was, and is, the only intervention I have supported, and I have not once changed my view."