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Posted By: akenaton
25-Sep-13 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
The "first step", can often be the first step off the cliff Jim.

I have known that Capitalism was wrong all my life, but only recently has it been made obvious to all, by its failure in the West.
It is a roulette wheel and we are on a losing run. I look back on all the great men who have fought against it....but the people wanted another spin of the wheel.

I have come to believe that all things will evolve if they are positive and not against natural just means that we may never see the sort of world that we would like to live in.
Patience is a virtue.

Hate homosexuals?.....I don't think sex between men is safe or healthy, but isn't that different from "hating" homosexuals?
Hate immigrants? I don't believe we should pursue a policy of unregulated immigration, but isn't that different from "hating" immigrants?

What do you, Ian and Richard actually mean when you use the word hate?
Is it simply a "get out", a substitute for reasoned debate?