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Posted By: Jim Carroll
25-Sep-13 - 10:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"You are not making sense, do you think the people of Syria, Libya, and Egypt are in a better place now than before the "Arab Spring"?"
No idea - but not to take the first step means that they forever remain the same
They get criticised for being what you claim they are - they take steps to change and you're still whingeing - what do you want them to do, wait for the 7th Cavalry - take on good ol' General Westmorland's suggestion in Vietnam and "Nuke 'em into the Stone Age"?
"I am a better Socialist than you Jim,
Don't know any socialists who hate homosexuals or immigrants, but then, it is possible I've led a very sheltered life
"I am aware of its faults as well as its virtues."
Me too, the difference being that I welcome it as a first teetering step - you bury it before it gets off the ground.
"Jom - we haven't sold arms to Assad - not even "sniper rifles to practice with".
Turpitude - why did you suggest it in the first place then and suggest "that's what snipers do" - you've had my answer on the other thread - won't hold my breath....
Of course - you're the one who attempted to pass off napalm as merely petrol, Agent Orange as "herbicide" and white phosphorous as "harmless illumination" after you had been shown photographs of Palestinian children with their faces burned off - all matter of semantics I suppose!
"I agree with you that the West should not get involved."
You were vociferously claiming that you supported Obama's decision (but only after Israel had given you the go ahead) - getting a bit dizzy with all these wheelies and u-turns.
Are you now saying the US, the UK and Israel were actually WRONG in proposing intervention - now there,s a first, second and third, all in one sentence!
I assume we've moved away from non-chemical chemical weapons, have we?
First Laurel and Hardy, now The Three Stooges - which one's Mo - I always liked him?
Jim Carroll