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Posted By: Teribus
25-Sep-13 - 02:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Ah Jom - "AID AS IMPERIALISM" - are you suggesting that we should not send any humanitarian aid just in case our motives are questioned?

Odd that really because you were all for armed intervention and boots on the ground, why? So that in a couple of months you can jump into a thread and froth at the mouth in block capitals and all the colours of the rainbow about the big bad UK stealing Syrian Oil and crushing the democratic rights of the Syrian people (What f**kin democratic rights??).

This "Arab Spring" phenomenon - Tunisia; Egypt; Libya; Syria; Bahrain; Iran - all turned a bit sour and bloody - in not one single instance were the expectations of those who took part realised - why was there no "Arab Spring" in Iraq? Rhetorical question, there was no "Arab Spring" in Iraq because they were given their political freedom when they held the first free elections in the country's history in 2005 (7,000 candidates standing for 275 seats). In accordance with the country's constitution further elections were held in 2010 and the next shall be held in 2015.