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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Sep-13 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"The aid we send to Syria is emergency humanitarian aid, not what Hayter meant moron."
And your denials without still producing a scrap of evidence indicates that you haven't the faintest idea of the murky world of politics you have appeared to dedicate your miserable existence to defending - moron yourself.
Without evidence (you have yet to produce a single scrap to back up your denials - that is all they are) the facts stand and are no substitute for anything that has been put before you.
You say British 'aid' is "humanitarian" - how do you know; who told you, Vince Cable maybe?
The Syrian people are dying and suffering from weapons sold to Assad by profiteering leeches - Britain among them
They have been blinded and gasping for breath by sarin developed by six years of supplies from Britain - not just Britain, but Russian as well, but we can only be answerable to anybody but our own.
You have the facts about aid from the horse's mouth - you know that Syrian aid is any different, where's your proof?
The denials you have rested your entire arguments on have never been enough and the more you repeat them, the more fanatically disturbing you expose yourself to be.
I've shown you mine - let's have a look at yours.
Jim Carroll