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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Sep-13 - 12:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
One of the most fascinating and accessible books I have read on Aid is 'Aid as Imperialism' published by Pelican books in the 1970s the Author was Theresa Hayter. She was an employee of the World Development Institute and her book was financed by The World Bank
Her father was 1st Baronet William Hayter, Deputy Undersecretary of State to the Foreign Office, so her credentials were fairly impeccable and her opinions come with a fair amount of insider knowledge.
She wrote that Aid was never 'given', but was traded for political and economic favours.
It was only available on condition that the recipient did not overstep any political or economic boundaries, would show favour politically and economic to the donor nation, and it came with the agreement that the 'donor' would be a guaranteed trading partner this included 'Aid' given to those suffering because of political or social upheaval (such as Arab Spring protests).
In other words, it was never giving for charitable or humanitarian considerations, but was an investment in the people concerned, a means of gaining some sort of political and/or economic control over them and getting a toe-hold into their countries hence the title 'AID AS IMPERIALISM'.
It was never considered an act of generosity or charity it was merely investment, and to those in the know, was never thought of as being anything more.
Jim Carroll