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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Sep-13 - 04:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Please stop insulting our intelligence and please stop insulting the British people by euating them with the behaviour of the Arms dealers and the politicians who are facilitating them.
These facts are known throughout the world and was reported widely

This particular report comes from an Irish Times Journalist and is probably the most comprehensive.
It is particularly significant as Bahrain was and remains a solid customer for British arms.
At the time of these events Britain was shamed into withdrawing 13 licences for weapons, including chemical ones, yet when Cameron opened the huge arms fair month into the Arab Spring protests, Bahrain was one of its main targets.
Despite all that is taking place in the Middle East, Britain is still acting as a mjor armourer of repressive regimes there.
You are tone of the most critics of Middle Eastern Countries (apart from Israel) yet when it is suggested that they should not be provided with arms you leap to the defence of that foul trade because Britain is one of the main traders.
If we are to hope for any positive change in these regimes Britain and the world as a whole has to adopt a principled an human-rights conscious policy over who it sells arms to so far it has refused to do so.
Don't you dare attempt to attempt to block discussion on these threads by preventing criticism of the major accomplices Britain, the US, - all of them they are acting in our name and I cannot imagine any greater insult to the British and American people than to suggest that these murderous sales have anything to do with being "British" or "American" these are the acts of Arms dealers and their political facilitators and they drag all our names down into the shit.
If you have any proof that any of these events never happened or they are in any way distorted feel free to offer it, otherwise say what you have to say to justify it.
You are not here to "carry out a serious discussion" you are here in your self-appointed capacity as policeman attempting to prevent any criticism of Britain or Israel - that is all you do.
Don't dare tell me what is relevant and attempt to stop me saying what I have to say, the last thing this forum needs is an insane fanatic running round with his blue pencil attempting to censor these discussions.
Jim Carroll