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16-Sep-13 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: In Hell
Subject: RE: BS: In Hell
No 6 nobody knows nothing.So please Relax .
   As for Daemon i remember reading that it was our hidden intelligence,"it that knows" if you like.So if that was true i suppose if you don't listen to your Daemon you could be a Demon.Busy now so 6 you can relax i wont engage again on this.It is a shame though because if we all learned to stay neutral/calm as facts are displayed/discussed things become easily apparent,see i stupidly thought you were going to try understand this subject.What if it happens to one of your children where are you going to send them.Youtube is full of kids trying to open their pineal and getting energetically confused by all sorts of garbage.Check out Benny Hinn(sp) on yt see what he is doing with his knowledge of this.Anyway i will never post here again on this subject so relax 6 hehe n