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Posted By: GUEST,Allan Conn
16-Sep-13 - 07:21 AM
Thread Name: Improving Lyrics?
Subject: RE: Improving Lyrics?
"So, it's me and Pete against the world!"

Maybe not just you two. We mess around with arrangements, tempo etc of songs, and sometimes even change the tune slightly, so why not change a word or so as well if you feel it would be better?

I do 'Cousin Jack' by 'Show of Hands' and at first I must have been doing it from memory and after a while I noticed that the tune of the verse I sing is a bit different though the chorus is the same. I thought I'd best start doing the proper tune but actually I like the tune I was using better and several club members seemed to agree so I just stuck with it.

I change some Burns songs slightly "eg John Anderson" as I find his written version to anglicised. So I basically use more Scots words than he sometimes does.

There are various other songs which I regularly do where I leave out or change some of the words as I find they just don't scan that well. In my opinion anyway! "Brown Eyed Girl" is one example and especially the 3rd verse of "Waggon Wheel". I also changed the bridge of "Diamonds And Rust" by Joan Baez as my wife found the original just ridiculously over-wordy (is that a word?) though she loved singing the rest of the song.

If you're doing a oover then it is your interpretation so I don't see a problem with putting your spin on it. The danger of course is that people may not like the altered version specifically because you've altered it but you stand up and take your chances!