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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
16-Sep-13 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: In Hell
Subject: RE: BS: In Hell
Suzy Sock Puppet: "You know GfS, the one thing I can appreciate about winding up down here is the fact that I don't have to search for my lighter in this goddamned purse!"

Ah!...But that's where you had it all wrong....did you forget where you wanted to take us all??...and you expect breaks??...Well, I've got news for ya'.....until you 'repent' you're lighter won't work, as hard as you may try to light it....NOO....what they have cooked up for you, is you will have to shave your head with a cheese grater, while chewing tin foil....and not only that, you will be seasick and have lock-jaw at the same time....with a massive prolonged case of the hiccups!
...Oh, and your lighter?.....all your cigarettes are eternally soggy..but you can relieve yourself from the hiccups, when you light it!

Well??..That's what you get!!!!!