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Posted By: Stringsinger
15-Sep-13 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
L.H., that's a good point. But destroying chemical weapons is a red-herring. The U.S. has used them in Japan, Vietnam, and Iraq, and probably is using them in Afghanistan.

Chemical weapons are not necessarily any worse than the drone strikes or cluster bombs and the idea of moralizing about "rules of war" is absurd. All weapons in war will kill innocent people.

A "limited strike" is as General Zinni said is like "being a little bit pregnant".
Striking Syria with a missile is an act of war regardless of how Kerry attempts to spin it. It's an illegal act in the international court of law.

There is no reason why a madman like Assad will refrain from using whatever weapons he wants to regardless of whether his country is attacked or not.

"This would suggest that the case being made by the West, that the regime were the only ones in possession of such weapons, is either mistaken or false."

Ake is correct. The US and it's satellites possess chemical weapons that have not been destroyed but remain as part of a "deterrent" arsenal. Even worse than sarin is the dangerous stockpile of nuclear weapons in the US, India, Pakistan and North Korea. This nonsense about worrying whether Iran can obtain them is political grandstanding by elite administration officials that have ties to the MIC.

What Assad has done is horrific of course but breaking Syria as the US did to Iraq will only foster ugly reactions worldwide by extremist groups, now the major population of the Syrian Rebels. There are very few moderates with weapons in their hands.

As to Putin, it probably seems cogent to the casual observer that this man speaks out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to human rights. His persecution of "Pussy Riot" along with his harsh treatment of gays and LGBT folk shows just how much he is exempt from Russian "exceptionalism". Don't expect democracy from those quarters.

Obama is trying the old lame "carrot and stick" approach to diplomacy, often referred to as "gunboat diplomacy" which never works. He could drop the "limited strike" canard in favor of shoring up international support for an economic sanction against Assad, which he may be doing. The problem is that the US
can't be an honest broker in any peace negotiations which may have to be moved out of the country to Denmark or some other more neutral place.

As to proof or evidence that Assad used sarin, that information is "classified".
This is reason for some to question the statements of Kerry and Obama. The problem with the propaganda statements being made by "authoritative sources"
is that there is a lack of transparency in the state department which makes any
declarative news item suspect.

All weaponry used to slaughter innocent people whether intentionally or not
is a form of insanity. The idea that there are "rules of war" is risible.