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Posted By: akenaton
15-Sep-13 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Come on Bob ole buddy, this is a serious business, we should be debating things!
I admired Mr Obama for his unwillingness to be dragged into Libya
He showed the same spirit on Syria to begin with, he then changed his mind on evidence that still has to be proved......that's when I lost confidence in him, the strikes he was proposing were ill considered and could have easily led to an international confrontation.

We should never be involved in something like that on what appears to be a personal whim, or orders from "higher up" the party machine. Only a blunder from Mr Kerry and the swift intervention of Mr Putin saved us from the law of "unintended consequences"

I'm afraid Mr Obama is fatally weakened by this exchange and we can expect to see someone like Hillary the Hawk represent the centre right of the Democrats in the next election.

Politics is a filthy game played by equally filthy people, I just wish more GOOD folk like yourself would see it. I see a definite "anti- politics" change happening here in the UK, the excesses of the last decade are being recognised the public are at last becoming politically aware and many are very angry indeed at the way in which they have been last they seem to realise that changing the name on the packet does not affect the taste of the contents.