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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
14-Sep-13 - 03:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Ed T: "I note you do use the word "any" quite loosely. An odd approach for a person who accuses others of "jumping the gun" and advancing conspiracies. It is totally unreasonable to submit that some folks "in high office" have presented such proof to those in positions of trust in their governments, but not made it public - or to you directly and the public just haven"t seen it? Do you actually believe what you read in the media is thee full, unbiased information on reality?"

I reiterate: "NOBODY has come up with ANY proof that Syria is the one who used them".

McGrath of Harlow: "If conspiracies didn't happen there'd never be any bank raids - just for a start. Wouldn't be any banks either I feel tempted to say. "Commercial confidentiality" is the polite term used."

Ahh!...McGrath has hit on it, but not quite far enough...but he does make the most sense, and closer to the pulse than the rest...and lays the premise!!
This stuff in the Mid East, is not as much about 'boundaries', and 'countries', (as we know it, and led to believe), as it is about the monetary systems, who controls them, and their interests....and when the MAJOR bankers are fighting for control, nations are merely their pawns...including ours and yours! The control (or disposal of it)of the Mid East oil would definitely give 'certain' banksters leverage and advantage. If the major oil companies, in league with those same banksters, could disrupt the Mid East, while an alternative suppliers is waiting peacefully or more stably, ready to go....that would certainly be an incentive.
Now Anyone who doesn't think those same banksters don't have the resources to 'hire' anyone, countries, agencies, or mercenary groups to pull this off, is a tad bit on the naive side of reality..don't you think? This may be bigger than a lot of you have thought through..after all, we were actually hearing sabre rattling to the tune of WWIII.....and planners of that could easily anticipate WHO would emerge, ready to implement whatever financial system they want...and what form it should be, and who is on top.
I believe they are working for that goal......and so are the other ones, who are at war with each other.
Now, does that sound like a 'conspiracy theory'....or just a logical account of where we are now?? There is far more proof of that, than there is of Assad launching the attack.

OK, you can take your naps, again......McGrath, you scored big on that one!!.....and I've been sitting on posting what I've just posted for MONTHS now....since the 'Keystone Pipeline' thread, where I first made mention of it......and when push comes to shove Obama, if he's still in power, and the timing is right, WILL   sign off on it!!