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Posted By: Stringsinger
13-Sep-13 - 10:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Assad has a long track record of international violations and it stems back to when his father ruled Syria. They, until recently, were supported by the US as it did with Pinochet in Chile when the assassination of Allende on the first 911 was organized by Nixon and Kissinger. Ironically, Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Also, Obama.

The way to curtail Assad and other dictators is to employ sanctions and isolate them through diplomatic means. The problem is that the US backs these monsters until they are no longer useful to "American interests". This has to stop.

The UN is an imperfect organization with wrangling, diplomatic snags, arbitrary veto powers but in spite of this, it's the only avenue for settling world affairs that would potentially have efficacy. The US has lost its brokering ability in the Mid-East. Russia has defended the Assad regime. There are ways that Syria could be isolated but the problem started with the violence perpetrated on behalf of Assad's administration and the Rebels. This is also what is tearing Egypt apart, violence as a means to an end. Violence has destroyed the Arab Spring. The military in both Egypt and Syria have taken control and non-violence is no longer an acceptable method of solving the conflicts.

A strike on Syria is pouring gasoline onto an out of control blaze.

The solution is to look to an obscure individual living in East Boston, Gene Sharp who has the most practical prescription to ending these conflicts. He is only one person in a long line of legitimate political thinkers.

The US will become weaker in its influence if it carries out John Kerry's wishes.
Hillary is no better. The "hawks" have to stand down. Finally, the US public is beginning to see the futility of their approach. They have to realize the money that is connected to the military manufacturers and this relates to the John Robert's decision that money is speech and corporations are people. The US public now maybe able to connect the dots. Taxes are going to munitions not to the flagging economy.

Sarin is only one weapon of choice and a red-herring. Drones are equally destructive. Agent Orange, Napalm, Depleted Uranium, Atomic bombs, White Phosphorous, not to mention the standard weapons that kill civilians in the Mid-East.

The US desperately needs in the executive cabinet a Department of Peace.