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Posted By: Stringsinger
11-Sep-13 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"If chemical use could be deterred, that would be an upside.
That is the only stated objective."

The U.S. always thinks that bombing a country will deter use of weaponry. It's because
that's what it always does and hasn't stopped war or created peace since. Instead, it has become immune from international laws and treaties about war and acts with impunity
in whatever way it likes. It uses chemical weapons when it feels like it and in fact has
a stockpile of chemical weapons as does Israel, it's Siamese Twin, who refuses to sign
onto a convention to outlaw the manufacture as well as use of such weapons.

"Why only the people of Iraq? Why are there no great peaks in the incidence of these detrimental effects in the places where these munitions are made ( surely the fabrication process must produce DU laden dust that would be ingested) or more on a parallel with Iraq"

This is a specious argument. This is not on a parallel with their use in Iraq. And how do you know there is no deleterious effect on the people where these munitions are made?
This sounds like the consumption of propaganda the Brit military would like you to swallow.

" why are there no similar statistics to those in Iraq evident in the areas around the live fire ranges in the UK and in the USA where hundreds of thousands if not millions of these DU rounds have been fired at armoured targets in practice over the last three or four decades by aircraft, helicopters and the crews of MBTs and AFVs?"

There are statistics that are not necessarily similar to the use of DU's in England or the States but apply specifically to birth defects, deranged individuals, poisoned water and ticking time bombs for future generations of Iraqs. These statistics have been amply reported. Again, how do you know that there is no deleterious effects in the target practice using DU? Prove that if you can.

Depleted Uranium often can't be detected except with certain instruments. This is true of all chemicals related to nuclear weaponry or nuclear use in general.