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Posted By: Stringsinger
10-Sep-13 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"But of course that would have no detrimental impact on the health of the Iraqi people as it wasn't fired by the US or any of their allies."

Yes, DU has a detrimental effect which has been documented on the people of
Iraq, irrespective of who used it. To say otherwise is lunacy.

I want to thank Jim for clarifying the role Israel is playing in world affairs.
One thing not mentioned by the main stream media is that the supposed evidence
for the use of sarin gas was supplied by Israeli intelligence. This is what Kerry and others are quoting.

What is not known because evidence has not been presented to the UN is who did it. Kerry and Obama say "trust us" in the same way GW Bush said it about weapons of mass destruction which turned out to be false.

"The Tea Party is a loosely organized faction of the Republican Party."

The Tea Party is actually a corporate sponsored entity, a PR campaign by big business started by Milton Friedman, the father of Libertarianism, a lobbyist and tool of big business and his associate George Stigler. It was never a populist movement but was falsely advertised as such by lobbying groups as the National Association of Real Estate Boards headed by libertarian Herbert Nelson who was unhappy with rent controls. Since then it has grown to be a front for GM, Chrysler, Ford, Standard Oil, Gulf Oil, Sun Oil, major retailers, Montgomery Ward, Marshall Field and Sears; chemical majors Monsanto, DuPont, and Fortune 500 companies, GE, Merrill Lynch, Eli Lilly, BF Goodrich and Con Ed to name a few. This is not mentioning the Military Industrial Complex corporations who stand to make a bundle by war in Syria.

The Foundation for Economic Education, a big business project finances the Tea Party, and has ties to the John Birch Society through Robert Welch. Herbert Nelson, of the National Real Estate lobby said, "I do not believe in democracy. I think democracy stinks. I don't think anybody except direct taxpayers should be allowed to vote. I don't believe women should be allowed to vote at all."

Billionaire Peter Thiel financed the Ron Paul campaign in 2012.

The Tea Party's only reason to oppose the invasion of Syria is to get Obama.