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Posted By: Jim Carroll
10-Sep-13 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"There IS reason, it seems, that many countries have questions about it."
Apart from the intriguing thought that Assad might have discovered a new ally, you (apparently deliberately) miss my point - gas is only the latest of a long list of war crimes and should he continue, not only will the death count increase, the reputations of the U.N., Britain, America, and all those countries that have both helped his regime and ignores his war crimes will sink even lower; - win-win, I think they call it.
My point again:
"Are you really suggesting that Assad was not the one who gassed all those people - and even in the remote chance that it wasn't, doesn't Homs and Aleppo and all the other forerunners to what has recently happened indicate that,
A - He isn't a man we should have had anything to do with and,
B - Having done so, we bear much of the responsibility for his behaviour."
One of the problems of course is that the U.S. has used it's vetoes so often to protect monsters like Israel, that it is difficult to point the finger at Russia and China to protect this particular monster without appearing...., what's the word I'm looking for?   
His atrocities turned a democratic protest into a civil war; it needn't have happened had the U.N. or failing that, the West intervened - the West bears some responsibility for his crimes - your own "Land of the free and home of the brave" has a long record of supporting monsters who might have something to offer in return.
There would have been no hesitation in intervening had it been in the U.S's interest; is this the flag you are proud to live under?
"The Tea Party and UKIP are AGAINST."
Meaning - can't answer for UKIP but the Tea Party are certainly against and were described as being yesterday, "Isolationist" was the term used - what on earth's your point - that I should change my mind because the political loonies disagree with me?
As for those on Mudcat - fine, we argue and disagree, you appear to hide behind the opinions of others to attempt to stifle opposition.
Speaking of which - I am fascinated to discover how you will handle the fact that Israel supports Obama in his efforts to intervene; change of heart on your part or will you take your head out of their arse long enough to call them "gung-ho, militaristic and warmongering" - now what's it to be, "is it Bill or is it Ben?"
Jim Carroll