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Posted By: Jim Carroll
09-Sep-13 - 03:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"Because we are not discussing Israel Jim."
Do not tell me what we're discussing Keith - you and your moronic buddies have been discussing Israel on this thread since the beginning - you lyingly attempted to claim that I have done the same.
It's bad enough that there are religious nutters running around the Middle East killing each other and using British-sold (regular and chemical) weapons to do so, without having to put up with the thought that the same morons had got as far as to infest this forum
You thought thugs first placed Israel here on the scene - live with it
Back off - and don't you dare tell me or anybody else what we can, can't and should discuss on this forum - you appear to be stricken with a Messiah complex, apart from everything thing else that you have going for you - YOU ARE NOT A FORUM ADMINISTRATOR AND, CERTAINLY FROM YOUR RECENT BEHAVIOUR, YOU NEVER SHALL BE - UNLESS THE LUNATICS ARE FINALLY GIVEN THE KEYS TO THE ASYLUM.
Back off
Unless you suddenly develop the bottle to attempt to quailfy your lyng (oh, I forgot - you "do not lie") I have nothing to say to you; go and talk to Sanitary and take his example of saying nothing (even though he take up a great deal of space saying it).
Israel is a legitimate subject for inclusion here.
Assad and his killers are unfortunately not the only ones in the Middle East. Iran (with her aspirations to nuclear capability) is waiting in the wings, and Israel, in the almost invincible position of having full nuclear capability, the US veto and God (as some of their fanatics would have us believe) on her side, has been doing her slaughtering for a long, long time - not the best prospects for the future for us and ours.
Jim Carroll