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Posted By: Jim Carroll
08-Sep-13 - 04:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
This thread is nothing to do with Israel.
I have never at one time brought Israel into this discussion –the only time it has appeared in any of my postings is in a long cut 'n paste in reply to an Islamophobic rant by Bearded Bruce on the Muslim religion – all the mentions in my post were quotes from the Christian Bible – a comparison between the Christian and Muslim religions, not even they had anything to do with the state of Israel, but were 2,000 year old biblical references – to describe them as an attack on Israel is utterly grotesque, even by your standards – about as dishonest as you have sunk on this forum – have you even bothered to read that pasting? (27 Aug 13 - 08:49 AM)
You are not even adept at manipulating this thread, which appears to be the only thought you give to what you right.
"Stringsinger tried to implicate Israel"
Bearded Bruce introduced Israel into this thread – Stringsinger's first posting was in regard to possible attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and laterIsrael's passing on information about chemical attacks.
I have had no part in discussing Israel on this thread, just your apparently uncontrollable sycophancy whenever the name is mentioned
I have never at any time mentioned Israel in this thread other than to comment on your kneejerk defence of the Israeli regime – NOT THE ISRAELI PEOPLE – THE POLICY OF THE REGIME
I have stated my feelings about the Israeli people and of my feeling for the Jewish people as a whole, – which you have ignored, as I predicted you would.
I have stated my feelings on the attempts to arrive at some sort of peace settlement in the Middle East (not here) which you have ignored, as I predicted you would.
Not only have you ignored these attempts at peace, but you, Bruce, Boo-Boo and Guest from Sanitry, have refused even to respond to direct requests, you have refused even to acknowledge that there are peace talks taking place – not one of you sorry bunch AND YOU WILL CONTINUUE TO IGNORE THEM - THAT IS THE LEVEL OF YOUR CONCERN FOR THE ISRAELI PEOPLE
You show no concern for the Israeli people, only for the policies of their leaders.
You show no concern for the British people, only for the policies of their leaders.
You appear to identify Britain and Israel through their governments, not their ordinary people
You show no concern for any single group of human beings on this planet – only their leaders and their policies – you will not even comment on how those policies affect the people those leaders are supposed to represent.
You appear to be totally devoid of a single streak of humanity – what kind of an individual are you?
You have my opinions – you refuse to respond to what I write and you will continue to do so - I expect no more from you, that sums up perfectly what you are and how you (don't) think or feel.
Jim Carroll