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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Sep-13 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"So, why did you try to turn this discussion about the crisis in Syria into yet another opportunity to attack Israel?"
I didn't - I responded to your continued mindless defence of Israeli behaviour - and you are well aware of that fact.
I did not turn it into an attack on Israel - I have no opinion on their role here - I commented on your slavering sycophancy towards ALL Israeli crimes.
The only time Israel has been mentioned other than in my responses to you, has been in my given examples of something else, of over which I have no control - nuffing to do with me guv -same as your sole defence of Israeli atrocities
I expect neither withdrawal, nor apology for this (once again) deliberate distortion of my position and will be surprised even if you bother to acknowledge it - why break the habit of a lifetime?
You have made it perfectly clear that you never consider yourself wrong, you hardly ever apologise, and you consider apologising as "grovelling" - note the quotation marks - you have described it as such on several occasions.
You have not commented on the fact that many Jews are appalled by Israeli regime behaviour - including Israelis.
You have never responded to the Mossad heads' statements directly, you have never acknowledged the links to Jews for Justice and critical comments by balanced journals like Haaretz - you out of hand dismissed the evidence of the Jewish nurse who witnessed Sabra/Shatila once you realised she hadn't said what you wanted her to say - other than to deny her claim of what she saw.
You and your crummy mates have never even acknowledged the peace talks, let alone explain the Israeli regimes behaviour which has already caused a breakdown in those despite the fact that ordinary Israeli citizens will be among the main casualties shuld those negotiations fail - It is Israeli men women and children as well as Palestinian who will end up in body-bags - not even worth a mention by you or yours - and you claim to be pro-Israeli - my arse you are; you have done no more than defend the Israeli regime's war crimes - you don't give a toss for the Israeli people
As far as I'm concerned.
Don't you dare call me or anybody Anti-Semite or Anti-Israeli you appalling little Jew-hater.
"Obsessive, irrational hatred is what it looks like."
You have ever said a truer word, and I doubt that you ever shall
Even your cut-'n-pastes in support of them show more than a flick-of-the-typing finger effort.
In the past you have been offered literature to read and dispute and you've dismissed it as "too long" and "tto boring" and you have described the postings that are any longer than a "Sun headline as the same
God - even the Israeli regime deserves a better defence than you have put up own their behalf - make an effort man!
Jim Carroll
All together now "Lies, lies, Lies etc"