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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Sep-13 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"The fact is that you and Stringsinger hate Israelis"
No we do not -= and this is a typical distortion of our position.
What we do hate is what the various Israel terrorist regimes have done to the people of |Israel - even admitted by previous heads of Mossad - they have disgraced the State of Israel and dragged its name into the slime.
You might add to that the braindeads who egg on those regimes from the safety of their keyboards
My family welcomed the setting up of the State following WW2, my grandmother was jailed for throwing a brick at a Blackshirt rally in Liverpool in the thirties, my father fought shoulder to shoulder with Jews in Spain and shared, first a hospital ward and then a prison yard with many of them.
To a man, all of those people I have met are ashamed of what has become of Israel - it was a Jewish girlfriend in Manchester who first told me that Israel has become a fascist state - I was appalled and nearly fell out with her over her statement.
I realise you believe these people to be Anti-Semite lefties and I very much doubt if you will even bother to acknowledge what they have to say – even though many of them belong to families of Holocaust survivors.
How dare you claim we hate Israel – we'd have to run a 1000mph and then catch a Bullet-train to even come within viewing distance of the damage you apologists have done to Israel.
Stringy and I couldn't possibly do the damage to the Israeli people that you and your kind have done to the Israeli people, and Jewish people as a whole also, by describing criticism of Istael's state terrorism as Anti-Semitic. .
You might elicit some admiration if you had put a little effort into your 'defence' of Israel, as it is, you confine your arguments to Dalek-like repetitions of "they didn't do it" knee-jerks. Even scumbags like David Irving put some sort of an skill and thought into his Anti-Semitic filth, your Anti-Semitic filth is totally thoughtless and effortless.
You are one of the most mindlessly reactionary rightists I have ever come across.
The massacre of 3,500 refugees facilitated by Israeli State thugs – "Arabs killing Arabs, nuffin to do with Israel.
The forcible moving of entire ethnic communities onto sites that are recognised officially recognised as being toxic – not poison, and the State doesn't have to cater for people who live differently anyway even though they've occupied the land they've been evicted from for millennia
Chemical weapons that have burned the faces off small children (proven to you with photographs) - harmless as fireworks and not against the law anyway
Over one hundred attempts to bring Israel to book for its war crimes – all vetoed by the U.S. and you would not even be able to produce one single occasion when you have agreed with any single criticism whatever, not one – usually denying it outright, but when you have no alternative, simply ignoring it.
The only thing that makes it worthwhile responding to your fanaticism in the slightest degree is it give us an opportunity to yet again expose yourselves for what you are –Zionist thugs, (if you had the bottle or nouse to actually put a little effort into what you claim to believe in) and even this has been made redundant by the fact that this year's efforts have done the job so well that our presence here no more than morbid curiosity - and it's only September.
I only remain to wonder if you will actually respond to this with anything resembling thought, or whether you'll just switch on your "it's all lies" loop – hope the bookies is still open!
You are the most extreme apologist of human rights abuses I have ever come across and certainly the least intelligent
I have not doubt that if the subject was the 'Sharpville' massacre you would claim "it was the blacks wot dun it"
Jim Carroll