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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
07-Sep-13 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Akenaton: ".....all the guys who mocked Little Hawk, Sanity, Songwronger, stringsinger and others, for suggesting that Mr Obama serves the same masters as Mr Bush."

NOTE the SAME players then and now!!!!!..from FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!

Subject: RE: BS: Observations of the Dem. Nat. Convention
From: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
Date: 31 Aug 08 - 05:25 AM

Jack, There are no blinkers.....Just because I don't believe Obama, doesn't mean I'm for McCain. So far, I'm still not impressed by either one....I think the blinkers need to come off those who are so one track minded, to actually believe in either of these two, with all the earnest that they do! Nor do I believe that either one of them, will 'uphold the constitution', that one of them will swear to. Both of them have agendas that further degrade our rights. If you can't see that, then perhaps YOU should take your blinders(not blinkers) off!!! Matter of fact, it's not that I don't see, what you see in them, look a little harder, and you can see THROUGH them!....Its all political posturing, and we are about to be dealt another blow, from both the right and the left.....and you think its from a separate boxer...its the same boxer, throwing us punches from the right, and the left, ducking and weaving. These two 'candidates' are 'front men' for the same thing..Look up Machiavellian Principle. We've been set up!..Jeezus Peezus, WE are the composers, poets musicians and writers, and yet some of you act as if you have no vision, no insight, and are just lemmings, following this crap, as gospel!..WAKE UP!


P.S....and look at all the crap some of us have taken since!!..."Sanity to Galactic Central...Sanity to Galactic Central, come in please......I've delivered your message to them, AHEAD OF TIME, as instructed.. and history has once again proved us was a pain in the there anything else they should be told, that they won't ignore????"