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Posted By: Stringsinger
05-Sep-13 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"The UN inspectors have completed their task in Syria"

No they have not. They have been pressured to "fold up their tent". The evidence has not been provided to the American public because the administration refused to offer it claiming it's "classified".

" which I note Stringsinger specifically does not accuse Hezbollah of - wonder why.

There is an implication here that I support Hezbollah which is not true. Any action on
the part of Hezbollah, an extremist organization is far less than what Israel has done
to exacerbate war in the Middle East.

"What US invasion? No such thing has been proposed by either the POTUS or the Pentagon"

They have been cagey with their double-talk. In fact, any strike on Syria must be regarded as an invasion. To say otherwise is playing with words.

The complaint about the use of chemical weapons is a red-herring and a propaganda
attempt to invade Syria. It has to be asked, where did the sarin if it was used come from?
We know in Iraq where Hussein obtained his arms and how the U.S. said nothing when the actual use of his chemical weapons were used. Later, they held it over his head.

"Also, McCain is opposing this intervention."

No he has not. He has aligned himself with Kerry, Lindsey Graham, Boehner and other hawks to insist on this deceptive "surgical strike" which constitutes an intervention.

"I am pleased that you agree with me on Israel being blameless"

Israel is far from blameless. It follows the usual line of propaganda that it has created.
AIPAC in the U.S. is an example of extremism encouraged by the Israeli propaganda.
Israel has been looking for any excuse they can find to bomb Syria and Iran. The Netanyahu government is out to create a religious war between Judaism and Islam.
Palestinians are second-class citizens in Israel today.

"If so please indicate Israel's culpability in Syria's implosion."

By continuing joint military exercises, sabre rattling, they exacerbate the hostile
climate. They may even have a stockpile of sarin which leads to a speculation, not proof.
Their spy networks are well-known throughout the world and have been employed
to assassinate Mid East leaders they think are extremists, without a trial by jury, by the way. Of course, they are not under the U.S. Constitution.

Islamic and Israeli extremists are equally culpable in stirring the poison pot in the Mid East. Both elements have a powerful role in their respective governments.
Israeli dissidents are harshly and undemocratically treated there as in Bahrain, Egypt,
Syria and elsewhere. This is what Islamic and Zionist extremists have in common, suppress dissent.

"an actual invasion would be a good thing!"

If by good it's meant an attempt to crush the Assad regime, this is terribly naive. Assad
will emerge as a "hero" to many Mid East extremists, unlike what Kerry has claimed as the rise of moderates, a false appraisal of the Syrian Rebels, but a real rise in the ranks of Al Nousra and Al Quaeda, a dangerous precedent that could easily trigger another world war. The majority of the Syrian Rebels would like to see a return to Sharia Law, not a democratic institution of government.

The only evidence we have for the invasion of Syria is what took place in Iraq when the administration egregiously lied to the American people and Colin Powell smeared himself in his presentation on T.V. Any other evidence supposedly shored up by Obama's administration is deemed "classified" and unavailable in an erstwhile "transparent"

It has to be reminded that sarin gas which killed approximately 500 people, not the inflated figure that Obama has cited, is nothing compared to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nobody drew a "red line" there, did they?

The only solution to this crisis is through negotiations with many countries in the world who condemn the Assad regime. Russia and the U.S. need to reach a rapprochement
quickly but "surgical strikes" are not the way to do it. There are some who would like
to continue the cold war between U.S. and Russia by condemning Russia for refusing to support the invasion. Obama, with his influential speech-making and political maneuvering could accomplish much as a statesman to galvanize the isolation of Assad through diplomatic means.

The problem is not only Assad but U.S. hegemony and the too powerful influence of the Pentagon and munitions makers.