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Posted By: Teribus
05-Sep-13 - 05:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"The inference that there are only warmongers that are acceptable is totally unacceptable. Israel's launching of missiles and joint military exercises with the U.S. in an area which is a tinder box is irresponsible. That's warmongering."

I believe that the exercises you refer to are are being carried out at sea off the coast of Israel and that the missiles being fired are being fired to replicate/simulate missiles being fired into Israel from Syria, or Lebanon, by either the Assad regime or by Hezbollah (Haven't they already declared that they will do this in the event of a strike by the US? - Or when they said that were they only jest joshin')

Verifying that your anti-missile systems are up to snuff after having been openly threatened seems a pretty prudent thing to do to me and in no way can exercising a purely defensive system be construed as "warmongering" - which I note Stringsinger specifically does not accuse Hezbollah of - wonder why.

"It doesn't stop Assad who thrives on the blood and gore of war."

A quick cable or e-mail addressed - Attn: Bashar Al-Assad stating that the next gas attack results immediately in something being launched directly at you that goes bang might dampen his ardour for blood and gore.

"The U.S. through invasion is giving him exactly what he wants, a martyr's wreath around his neck and a so-called surgical strike will not impede his use of chemical weapons in the future. If anything it would make a hero out of him."

What US invasion? No such thing has been proposed by either the POTUS or the Pentagon - it is you who are being alarmist based upon absolutely nothing. A surgical strike with clear and unambiguous forewarning of intent to take out the Ba'athist leadership in Syria would most certainly impede any future use of such chemical weapons on the part of the Assad Regime.