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Posted By: Stringsinger
04-Sep-13 - 10:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
We are not being given appropriate evidence through a deception. The numbers reputedly given as victims of sarin have been inflated to gin up the war. We don't even really know that sarin was used. This is propaganda blown up to incite invasion. The Israelis are launching missiles to punctuate this point. Remember yellow cake and WMD's?

The UN inspectors have not been given ample time to make scientific determinations and the Obama is thwarting their efforts in the same way Bush did in Iraq to bypass the UN and act unilaterally plunging America into another hapless debacle. The consequences will be "boots on the ground" and innocent American soldiers giving their lives for nothing. Kerry is misleading the public, a tragic reversal of his stance in Vietnam. Someone must have bought him out.

"Mission creep" is a hallmark of military propaganda making the munitions makers wealthy while so many Americans are destitute. The consequences of an invasion far outweigh the prudent caution resulting in a rise of Al Quaeda in the Rebel ranks which Obama and Kerry are hypocritically supporting. There are no moderates left in the Rebel ranks, an out-and-out lie manufactured for another Bush war. These Rebels are Islamic Jihadists, Al Quaeda and Al Nousra, the very ones who reputedly brought down the twin towers on 911. They want an Islamic Syria with Sharia Law.

Israel is licking it's chops to bomb Iran and the widening of this war will make that available with U.S. backing.

The warmongers are in control of the megaphone and all sanity has left the political arena except for a few stalwart and courageous dissenters.

Once again, the American public is being hoodwinked and their tax dollars extracted
for a meaningless incursion into insanity.