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Posted By: Jim Carroll
04-Sep-13 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"I fear you may be mentally ill."
Keith - everything and more I have described is on record - including on four current threads; it is all a matter of record
Your behaviour on this forum can only be described as extreme filibustering in support of extremist causes.
It makes rational discussion of any topic you set your mind on virtually impossible; even ignoring you doesn't work as you pursue your cause and every single person who disagrees with you with an obsessive tenacity - you invariably end up 'the last man standing' with the greatest number of individual postings.
PMs don't work as they invariably end up being an extreme repetition of your postings with the gloves off, such as with your bilious outpourings on Muslim 'implants'.
It has already been the death of numerous threads and is gradually destroying this forum.
To say you have expressed "no opinion at all about the famine" regarding a topic you have all but destroyed, yet is still on full view for all to access, is utterly and blatantly insane.
By the way, to describe verified criticism of Britain as being "mentally ill" is a dead giveaway - sorry about that.
I'll leave you to your work
Jim Carroll