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Posted By: Teribus
03-Sep-13 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"How do you know that the US has no sarin in it's arsenal?"

Because in the time I spent in the forces:

1: Not once did I ever see any NATO chemical or biological munitions
2: Not once did I ever see any manuals or procedures containing anything related to the handling, arming or firing of chemical or biological munitions.
3: The UK unilaterally renounced use of such weapons in 1956, the US took the position of retaining what stocks they held as a contingency in case the Soviets or Warsaw Pact Forces used theirs - The NATO decision to respond to any chemical attack with immediate use of tactical nuclear weapons obviated the need for US Forces to consider any use of chemical weapons.

Currently at various facilities in the USA there are thousands of tons of chemical and biological agents - all awaiting destruction under the terms of the Chemical Warfare Convention. As of January 2013 78% of all chemical and biological warfare agents declared by the 189 states who have ratified the ban have been destroyed. There are two states who have signed and have yet to ratify the treaty they are Israel and Burma. There are five states who have not signed the treaty, they are: Angola, Egypt, North Korea, South Sudan and Syria.

As for the CIA or the Pentagon squirreling away Sarin or any other nerve agent would be difficult as all stocks are held under the control of an independent international body who presumably keeps track of what they hold and what they destroy each day - if any was missing they would know about it.

The UN inspectors in Syria HAVE completed their job and brought the evidence they collected back with them for analysis and investigation - What else do you think they have to do? What work is left outstanding?

As far as I know there is nothing apart from idiotic conspiracy theories implicating the CIA with any Sarin attack.

The one mentioned by Jom "The Impartial", the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack in 1995, shows how implausible Akenaton's theory of a leak is. The five "Untrained" terrorists in Tokyo carried 900 ml of sarin in sachets onto five trains on the Tokyo subway system at the height of the rush hour. They dropped the sachets on the floor of the subway cars and punctured them repeatedly - the terrorists left the subway and as a result of their attack 13 people died - in Damascus the number killed was almost 1,500. While the Tokyo terrorists were well researched amateurs they were were also highly intelligent, but as I stated previously it is easy to manufacture a nerve agent or a poisonous gas - it is extremely difficult to weaponise it - proof of that 13 death in the massively overcrowded confines of the Tokyo subway system compared to nearly 1,500 in a suburb of Damascus that was under bombardment by the Syrian army, obviously the latter had a better system of spreading their deadly cloud.