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Posted By: Stringsinger
01-Sep-13 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Russia and Iran have their political reasons for defending the Assad regime and a lot of that has to do with U.S. and Israeli complicity in the war machine. akenaton has it right.
The only solution to this problem is for a political (actually it goes beyond political because
it involves economics) reform movement to take place in the U.S. that limits the role
of the military industrial complex and corporate control of the government, phony trade deals and putting the brakes on the expansionist role of U.S. allies such as Israel.

Also, a recognition that for years the U.S. supported Assad and Hussein, allowing them to be in FDR's words "our bastards".

The UN inspectors have not been allowed to complete their work. To say otherwise is
a lie. It's the same pattern that took place in Iraq seeking "weapons of mass destruction"
by the Bush administration to gin up another war.

To understand how the UN inspector's role has been sabotaged, read the accounts of
Hans Blix during the Iraq debacle.

The invasion of Syria by the US will escalate another civil war and the "Cold War" with Russia and China. They are afraid of U.S. hegemony in the region.

Then there's the little problem of oil.

It's a mess for which the only solution is for the U.S. and it's allies to strengthen their role in foreign policy by being consistent with democratic ideals. We need to stop using
depleted uranium, white phosphorous, agent orange and lethal drones, cluster bombs
and reduce our nuclear capabilities. Also remember that in Syria we see specifically
a religious war between Alawites and Sunnis as well as religious factionalism in other
Mid East countries. Most wars are built upon religious enmities.