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Posted By: Suzy Sock Puppet
31-Aug-13 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: Miley Cyrus
Subject: RE: Miley Cyrus
Subject: RE: Miley Cyrus
From: Lizzie Cornish 1 - PM
Date: 30 Aug 13 - 01:11 PM

>>>"Lizzie, you are an idiot. Two of the highest selling US songs of the year and you say "non-talent"? Jealously and fear are your problems."<<<

Oh, Richard, you DO make me giggle! I've never heard these songs, don't listen to the Crap spewed out by the Corporate Sociopathic Music Bastards...

"As for children - STAY AWAY. You and your kind have done almost as much to damage the minds of children, both in your hostility to learning and in your hostility to the sexuality which WILL make them happy as the Spanish Inquisition."<<<

I don't want my children to be 'happy as the Spanish Inquisition' Richard...I'd rather they fought against Sociopathic Nutcases...

(sorry, couldn't resist THAT one!)

I don't want children being sexualized from the moment of birth, Richard...I'd rather they had something called CHILDHOOD, where perverted minds like Miley's can't reach them, but Twinkle Twinkle Little Star can...

Miley is as Miley does....and truly if simulated Masturbation and Anal/From Behind Sex is ALL that she can think of to sell give her erm...fame, well I think it's time the Human Race bowed out gracefully really....

And please, with your next comment, please, don't go breaking my achey breaky heart, Richard..

Dead on Lizzie. I'm glad Miley Cyrus' mother came out and said basically, "My girl does not have to resort to this- and she shouldn't."