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Posted By: Suzy Sock Puppet
31-Aug-13 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
From: Jim Carroll - PM
Date: 31 Aug 13 - 07:10 AM

And you were the first to support Israeli's banning of the export of the essential agricultural fertilzer into Palestine "because it can be used for explosives".
The components of the chemicals sold and their potentioan were well-know when the trade took place, if the exporters were not aware of them they would be breaching all safety regulations.
Assad and his family before him were known tortures and human rights abusers - they should never have been sold anything that might have been used for chemical weaponry, no matter what other uses it might be put to.
Britain not only sold material which could be developed as weapons - they also drew a veil on his human rights record and continued to trade with him and regard him as an ally.
The Assad regime is one of those who the Business Minister Vince Cable described as untrusworthy, yet they traded with them
They totally ignored the Amnesty report on his behaviour and the Syrian people are now paying the consequences.
Jim Carroll

You said it Jim. Now what if Syria decides to retaliate by doing something to Israel? What then, WWIII? These other Western nations are like bad friends who try to get you to do stuff they wouldn't do themselves. I don't see anything military touching this problem.

Have you ever seen this film called "Thirteen Days"? It shows how President Kennedy had to work through back channels to prevent an all out catastrophe. Because those jerks that mill about the Pentagon were trying to start a war without him! War mongers.