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Posted By: Bill D
31-Aug-13 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
I can only hope that the US & France & anyone else that is considering "making a point" to Syria about these incidents will be sure they have good evidence and make the response relevant & measured.

Everyone knows the world is not like 1939-40-41 when it was clear who was attacking whom and exactly who made the decisions! Now, those who wish to cause pain & damage to others have learned to be semi-discrete about it in order to get away with just the crap **someone** in Syria is doing these days! We are 99% sure (read John Kerry's explanation yesterday) where the gas came from and which side used it, but the guilty parties have 'some' plausible deniability about exact responsibility. So... WHO do we punish, if anyone at all?
If nothing is done, someone will say.." long as we keep it 'occasional' and hide the exact source, we can get away with almost anything!"
If we do anything, some will use OUR response as an excuse to....(see all the ideas above).

There is NO clear & obvious way to combat surreptitious nastiness...yet doing nothing seems to be worse.

I see the British parliament's vote as more of a "we are just tired of sending OUR buys to deal with THEIR fights", rather than a concern for human rights. (I listened to a bunch of the debate.)

I also see the US trending towards unilateral action as scary and a 'no-win' situation.

I wonder what would happen if Russia were to get away from their "whatever is in OUR self interest" mode for awhile...

.........and those in this thread who use any excuse to personally attack those they disagree with are not helping at all to explain, analyze or clarify the situation! Not that my mentioning it will slow any of you down in your personal feuds.