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Posted By: Jim Carroll
29-Aug-13 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"No-one is advocating intervention in their war."
Simply not true - the present "war" escalated from peaceful protests into a civil war when Assad realised that he could get away with brute force against protesters and his supporters joined him.
"Britain never supplied sniper rifles."
You said they did, - you described them as "a few sniper rifles" and hastily withdrew when you realised that you'd said it at the time when women and children were being massacred by snipers on the streets of Homs.
You changed your statement to there was no record of the sale', 'the deal was made and never fulfilled', 'the government didn't issue export licences', 'they issued licenses but withdrew them'.... and several more versions - I think you finally settled on "I mistakenly thought you were talking about Libya".
I'll dig out the whole sorry saga if it is any help - please, please say it is!!!
Me a "dishonest and prejudiced person" - I'd need a five year course at nightschool to come anywhere near your good self
"No-one is advocating intervention in their war."
Britain has agreed to approach the UN. to mount a military attack on Syria before it invades.
"Britain's Armed Forces are drawing up plans for military action in Syria as the Assad regime says it will use "all available means" to defend itself."
Despite the delay in military action, intervening in Assad's dirty war is exactly wat Cameron, Hague et al are planning - is that not "intervention in their war?"
Why are you lying about the British Government's intentions, and why are you lying by claiming that the conflict wasn't an escalation of protests for democracy in Syria and pretending it was a civil war do you really support Assad yu appear to (as long as he doesn't use chemical weapons)
Don't forget to let me know about your "only a few sniper bullets" posting
Have a good night now y'all hear!
Jim Carroll