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Posted By: Jim Carroll
29-Aug-13 - 08:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"Is there a single country in the world that refused to trade with Syria?"
Sorry Keith, as I have just said on the 'Irish Famine' thread, I've used up the single daily response I've allocated myself for time-wasting with trolls.
Whatever Britain decides, it needs to be remembered that they share some responsibility for the Assad regime - Vince Cable, Secretary of State for business admitted that Britain regularly adopted a policy of trading with monsters like the Assad family.
They ruled Syria for decades using torture and 'disappearances' on a regular basis and on a grand scale - various British governments totally ignored the Amnesty report outlining the techniques they used.
The British arms industry was issued with export licenses for small arms ammunition (identified by one kind Mudcatter as "sniper bullets") which were almost certainly used against civilians in Homs.
Members of the Assad family are still regular visitors to London for shopping trips.
Assad's gofer (and brother-in-law), who was still a regular visitor to Britain on 'little errands' for the Assads long after the Homs massacres, owns six properties in London which remain unconfiscated, and he remains unarrested despite the fact that, by dint of his job he is an active, practicing war criminal.
That other countries trade with these people is only proof that Britain's morality as far as human rights abuses and war crimes is really no better that the hypocritical stance taken by any other wealthy and powerful state with a total disinterest in seeing off this planet's monsters.
That Britain has finally decided to get up of its bum and do something to stop this particular monster is to be welcomed.
That the delay in doing so has led to the death of many thousand innocents is obvious.
That someone here apparently takes some sort of perverse pleasure in the fact that necessary action has been once again delayed by dithering, is to be expected, (especially as that same individual has formerly suggested that Assad be sold "riot-control gear" in order to gather up opposition to his terrorism into his torture chambers and safely out of the world's view), is sickening.
Now, where did I put the Immodeum?
Jim Carroll