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Posted By: Claire M
28-Aug-13 - 09:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
Subject: RE: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?

I think it seems to change as my tastes do. I take things literally, so if the fora I used said it was all about the music I wouldn't bother w/ much else; no earrings, no hair dye, skulls everywhere. The music was the most important thing, "nothing else matters" (great song). My voice can be quite gravelly so I was often mistaken for a boy. Looking back I suspect my ♥ wasn't really in it; oh well.

I'd never have even picked up the Lush catalogue a couple of years back let alone enjoyed going in there; now I have to be dragged out. Now I've tons of unusual, long earrings, toadstools, blackberries, pine cones, sheep......, & part of the fun of going to concerts/renfaires, etc. is picking out clothes. I can't believe I'm writing this.

Medieval dresses seem to fit the type of concerts I frequent now, & cos I'm very short & small they suit me better than band t-shirts ever did relatives who hadn't seen me for a while said I looked very grown up & a lot nicer (& was, too) .

One would think that when in a nursing home, you'd let everything go cos there's no need to bother if you don't feel up to going out; but the - decent ones help you whether you do or not. There's a lady who works in mine who calls me Sabiha, which is Maltese for "beautiful" ☻