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Posted By: Jim Carroll
28-Aug-13 - 02:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: chemical weapons in Syria
"What's yours, for that matter?"
No - what's yours Mike - are you really attempting, along with the usual thread hangers-on, to turn this from a discussion on what is happening to the Syrian people, into yet another exercise in Islam-bashing.
Whatever a few nutters may believe should happen to believe should happen to those who "betray their religion", I believe it has as as much to do with being a Muslim as clerical child abuse has with being a Catholic- they are both anomalies, and distortions and misuse of religion.
I know of nobody who has been either executed or "assassinated" for leaving the Muslim religion, in my limited contact with the few I met and talked with through my job in London, I never met one who suggested such a thing - nor do I believe any of them would have supported it in the name of their religion.
Your personal experience of Muslims, other than the garbage regularly pumped out via the sewer and press and extremist communications may be different to mine - if so, please share it - but not here please.
This has nothing whatever to do with the slaughter of the Syrian people, the (sort of) forced inaction of the United Nations, and the cynical non-interventionist stance taken bystates who would otherwise have intervened long ago had it been in their political or economic interest to do so.
Had they done so before what started out as another branch of The Arab Spring demonstrations turned into the civil conflict it has now become, the many hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who have been brutally murdered by their ruler would not have died in the horrific way they did and are still doing.
That is what this discussion is about, not whether the Muslims in Syria - or anywhere - would "assassinate" or murder anybody who defected from their religion.
I have become used to the likes of Bobad and Bruce turning these discussions into Islamophobic rants; despite our differences, I have never put you in their league - please don't prove me wrong.
Jim Carroll