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Posted By: Pierre Le Chapeau
17-Aug-13 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: Knockholt Sunny September 2013
Subject: RE: Knockholt Sunny September 2013
Ok last June,people were asking ME about the Marquee and why was it not up. Two vital pieces had gone astray ,so putting the thing up was not possible.

when the two pieces did arrive on the friday.we then found that the lorry cargo straps that are slung over front ,middle and back of the Marquee and then tightened by a wrench handle were not there and with out these straps and with the gusts of wind we had in June by the Friday it was decided it was too dangerous to put the marquee up, because if a full blown gust entered the Marquee the result would be the whole bloody thing taking off aloft and then its comes crashing down, So thats why we did not have a Marquee in June. I assume its on loan to us Micks is kind enough to bring it down prior to the event and things like missing poles do happen ? We had also lost a Valued Oak tree that was our Anchor post has the marquee was always put up between the two great Oaks ,Now one of them has been felled and theres only one? which didnt help the June Event in regards to weather.

lets please ensure in September that all straps and poles are there prior to the event ,that Marquee is our excape from being stuck in a small tent when it pissing down with rain and believe me has I am sure you are aware there is NOTHING worse to camping then being stuck in a tent and worse still paying 8.00 a night for the discomfort,at least in a campoer van or caravan you have some freedom of movement.

The Marquee is vital to us all.

Mess made around the fire is usually cleared up by myself or Mr woods if he is in attendence its a thankless task, but people will not take there cans, bottles back because, folk just put empties on the floor beside where they sit stand or fall about .

I have picked bottles cans etc up several times over the years and make a pile that gets bigger and bigger,has each day breaks, there again at knockholt I am not one for lying in bed both me and Mick or at least one of us are up very early to make sure fire is still going and that cans bottles are piled away from the fire pit so people can who prefere to cook openly breakfast on the fire. Any lost property is placed on a tree stump for all to see.