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Posted By: Vic Smith
02-Aug-13 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: Balcombe Protest Asking For Musicians
Subject: RE: Balcombe Protest Asking For Musicians
Ahem! I'll try again......

Will Fly wrote:

"And what political arena am I entering when I play a 3-part slip jig at a session?"

In the narrower sense, none. In a broader sense all musical activities are political. I would argue that by taking part in a session that are making a broad political statement.
You are saying "I am playing here without being paid. By doing so I am abandoning the mainstream music industry that would seek to control manufactured recorded music which is geared to producing maximum sales whatever the quality of the output."

You are also saying, "By playing traditional session tunes rather than the conservatoire music that originally derived its living from the paternalistic patronage of the landed gentry, I am associating myself with the class of people that these tunes derived from."

Think of the sort of group of musicians that would be most likely to turn up to play in support of the sort of protests that we are seeing in our county; would it be more likely to be a chamber ensemble, a string quartet or would it be the sort of small folk or jazz group of the sort that you have been playing with for decades?

In the end most of the actions that we take in out life have a political element in them.


And to return to the theme of this thread.
* I have no wish for the air in my area to be polluted by the smell of burned-off methane.
* I have no wish to stand in the evening on Ditchling Beacon, just above the pub where you play regularly and see upwards of a thousand flares burning off methane and destroying the air and visual splendour of an area that has been declared a National Park
* I have no desire to see the domestic water supply of my area to be polluted by the chemicals (including hydrochloric acid) that Cuadrilla are seeking permission to pump into the bedrock below our county. This has proved to be the case in areas where fracking has been carried out extensively both in New Mexico and Australia.