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Posted By: Don Firth
02-Aug-13 - 01:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: $5 Word Contest...
Subject: RE: BS: $5 Word Contest...

Well . . . maybe a $3.50 word.

"Sherlock Holmes, while returning to his apartment at 221B Baker Street, was set upon by two footpads. Skilled in singlestick fencing, he deftly wielding his walking stick, smote them about the head and ears, and sent them scuttling for cover."

I'm sure Rapparee knows this, but for others, singlestick is derived from fencing, and as I understand it, when gentlemen stopped wearing swords, they carried a walking stick. There was (is) a science of using such a gentleman's accessory as a weapon, wielding it much like a lightweight fencing saber. It won't cut, but it can sure leave welts and bruises.

Makes a fairly effective weapon in skillful hands.

Don Firth