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Posted By: Bill D
31-Jul-13 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: $5 Word Contest...
Subject: RE: BS: $5 Word Contest...
Incontinent, retrograde valedictorians simultaneously inhibit anthropomorphic, cretaceous calligraphy.

(some people count sheep late at night to help get to sleep... I have, for the last few years, played this 'game' of constructing sentences of words of 3 syllables or more, in a stream-of-conciousness way. It has to be a complete sentence, it does NOT have to make 'sense', but merely be grammatically correct. In fact, 'making sense' tends to inhibit creativity. If I pause more than 2-3 seconds in coming up with a word, I have to start over. I try not to repeat words in any single 'session'. Sometimes I try in alphabetical order, or using one beginning letter only. Obviously, some letters are easier than others. Some nights I surprise myself with vocabulary I was not aware of.)(I considered allowing myself pronouns and prepositions, but that makes it too easy.)

Bipolar nonentities surreptitiously Gerrymander vacillating, quiescent marauders, eliminating lachrymose constables.

(in my head at night, there's no spell checker looking over my, I occasionally get caught.)