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Posted By: Little Hawk
30-Jul-13 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Mad Aussie Irritates Olive!
Subject: RE: BS: Mad Aussie Irritates Olive!
Well, the thing that people generally like about humour that is based on someone else's apparent stupidity (or clumsiness) makes them feel smarter than someone else.

That's what a bunch of people here on this forum also like about endlessly fighting with other people about various stuff, insulting them and calling them names. It's self-ego-enhancement.

If your compassion and respect for others tells you this is appears to be true in your case, leeneia...that speaks well for you.


Another basis for a lot of humour is the catharsis of humanity's common fear-related issues...that is, seeing a humorous situation where a character (such as Charlie Chaplain, for example...or Woody Allen for another) is in a frightfully awkward, scary, or embarrassing situation.......that provides humorous relief for the audience. They wouldn't want to be there themselves, but they get a sense of great relief from harmlessly seeing it happen in a drama, and the discharge of tension is marked by laughter.

This seems healthy to me. It's been a basis of humour for as long as anyone can remember.