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Posted By: Richard Bridge
29-Jul-13 - 05:58 AM
Thread Name: Knockholt Sunny September 2013
Subject: Knockholt Sunny September 2013
Welcome to the official Knockholt Sunny September 2013 thread. The dates are Thursday the 12th to Sunday the 15th September 2013. WELL-BEHAVED pets are permitted. Rights of admission (people and pets) are reserved.

Facilities remain field, slow cold water standpipe, 3 portaloos, campfire (if the chainsaws work) and marquee (if it is safe to put it up and all the bits arrive!). If we do not leave the field as we find it we will lose it. Use a plank etc under any barbecue or burner that sits on the ground.

Charges remain 8 per head per night. Cash only. There is a small cushion from previous events and collections but it would not be prudent to reduce charges this year. Maybe next year if we have a really nice September turnout. Conversely if we have to hire a skip or more loos the price may have to go up.

People ask who runs it. Well, there isn't a formal structure. Sue and Mick do a lot for it. Pat and Debs also do a lot for it. Linda helps. So do I. So do a number of others, Big Dan, Woodsie and DK and Jim are usually around or involved and Pete the Hat usually has a good idea what is going on too but would prefer not to be everybody's first port of call for questions or grumbles.

The feast will be on Friday this September. If the weather is too nice not to have another one there may be an ad-hoc one on Saturday as well, but the plan is Friday. If we fail to start eating by 7pm it will impact the evening's singing and playing, so that's when we will. My plan is again to do a tagine, again with pork, and maybe a bit larger and a bit hotter than the June one. It would be fun to cook on a low campfire as breakfasts sometimes are done - but it is not compulsory.

We think an "official" etiquette code would be good.

1. Consideration and safety at all times. Keep clear of the fire. Keep clear of chainsaw operators, although offers CAREFULLY to carry and pile cut logs are welcome.
2. Be considerate to other musicians and listeners round the fire, let others feel the warmth of the fire and enlarge the circle if appropriate.
4. Do not leave any empties or rubbish at or near the fire area. Take all your own from the site. Do NOT leave bottle tops - they hurt cows and sheep. Do NOT put glass or tin in the fire.
5. Keep your pets under control and clear up after them.
6. Keep children under control and at safe distances from the fire.
7. Keep the loos clean. Do not block them.
8. Keep vehicles very slow and clear of people. Close the gate after use EVERY TIME (unless there is a vehicle immediately following you that will do it).
9. Tip waste (grey) water and waste food ONLY in the bomb crater. Do not tip chemical loos at all.
10. No amplifiers (except for very quiet instruments that would not be heard at all without them). Car radios etc to be kept low.