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Posted By: catspaw49
16-Jul-13 - 09:10 AM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
I've been a bit too pre-occupied myself lately as my prodigal son Michael has returned home and within 48 hours the Sheriff showed up at my door.......***sigh***.......Anyway, we got that all cleared up and we're working on the college idea. He's morose over the breakup of a long term relationship but we're giving some time and space and he's doing better already.

Healthwise.....The port is in and it works but we're giving it time to heal properly. When you have been on Coumadin as long as I have it causes problems in even the simplest of surgical procedures. And when you have such a lovely combination of assorted bodily failures everything becomes a balancing act where you trade a bit od this to fix that. Hopefully you make the right choice and if not you equally hope to have time to correct!!!

Right now I am feeling pretty damn good (knock on wood) and we're decently balancing. I'm working at regaining strength too. That botched surgery a couple of years ago and the following two months flat on my back took more out of me than I can believe. But working at doing things right now and seeing progress on the blood problems cheers the hell out of me. Thanks for all the UPS .....and thanks in advance for a few more. LOL

We too have the heat wave and no central air. We have new window shaker in a large size which keeps part of the house very comfortable though plus the fans keep the colder air moving about. Hopefully this heat breaks on schedule by Saturday.

AND NOW-----I talked to katlaughing yesterday and dear kat is going through a tough period. Like me, she too has assorted issues but her balancing act is out of whack right now. UPS, thoughts, prayers, and any other Mojo you got needs sent out to the Western Slope of Colorado!

I love you all,