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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
17-Jun-13 - 11:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: GMOs (Monsanto)
Subject: RE: BS: GMOs (Monsanto)
I know it's in the archives...for all to see...that i was accurately perceiving him at the get-go. BUT, if you also remember, Amos and I were going around-a-bout, regarding him, and after he was elected, i posted to Amos that I'd give him a year, just so we could check him out..and even gave him the benefit of the doubt..remember???....only to find out I was right...remember I was calling him 'O-blabbo'...that was because he was OBVIOUSLY talkin' bullshit....frankly, I just never understood why everybody was so intoxicated with him...I found it indicative that the American public was more interested in the 'celebrity' that was made up for him. We might as well have nominated Kim Kardasian and Paris Hilton.....shit, on the 'other' side, they tried to make Sarah Palin the next Winston Churchill and FDR rolled up in one....
but in time, as I posted before, it'll all come out in the wash.

...and if the rest of the 'press' turns on him, for whatever reason, he'll be hangin up to dry, and 'twisting in the wind'....the only problem with that, is they'll be setting us up got the next line of bullcrap!...and they know it...and so do I.....and if you listen, and watch, so will you!
Fuck, just play your do blues....put all this 'disappointment' into your next it from the'll knock 'em dead!

.....I'm NOT with the party.............(you know the rest)